LOM Quoteables

This page is devoted to my son who I lovingly call my "Little Old Man". If you have talked to my son then you know he has a certain way of speaking and using words that makes you wonder- "Where does this kid come up with these things?" He also is a devoted Thomas the Tank Engine fan which means that he picks up well used British words and phrases and makes them his own. So, here you will find me posting the endearing and hilarious things my son says...

September 24, 2011

My husband was giving my LOM a bath while I was in another room upstairs in our house. LOM heard me having a sneezing fit when he said to my husband, "It sounds like Mama has the Bless Yous!"

August 16-21, 2011

We took some time off from life to take a camping trip. These are a few of the great quotes that caught my attention.

1. LOM was very enthralled with catching lots of bugs. We'd catch them with the net and put them in a bug carrier with a large magnifying glass to watch them. One of his observations while watching some bugs he caught was, "A Grasshopper hops like a Kangaroo and a Caterpillar crawls like a baby!"

2. One night while we were sitting by the fire, LOM asked us, "Do the sparks become stars?"

3. While watching the fire on another night, I taught my LOM Starlight, Starbright... When we reached the end, these were the wishes he said- "I wish to be with my Mama & Tato (Ukrainian name for Dad) always." then it was, "I wish to play in the park."
Good to know we still rate #1!

August 7, 2011

We headed out today to a Provincial park close by to celebrate with my parents, who were camping there, all the family birthdays from the summer. My Mum & Dad had bought a new pass for the park and told us to call when we arrived and they would bring down the old one for us to use. We ended up waiting for quite some time and my LOM was getting pretty antsy. He didn't really get the concept that we had to wait for Papa to arrive before we went in. He kept asking us questions but the best one was out of the blue when he said, "Do you need a map?"

After my Dad came down and we were on our way to the campsite, LOM noticed that Papa's truck was driving in front of us. He said,"Look! Papa's truck is following in front of us!" It was extra funny to us as we were trying to get him to look out the window to see the bison we were passing and all he noticed was the truck.

One other observation came from LOM while we were driving to the campsite when he saw a car with a canoe attached on top of it. He said, "Hey! That car's wearing a hat!"

August 1, 2011

1. When I'm hanging out with my boy, I like to ask him questions to see what he comes up with. This is one from today:

ME: What do you want to be when you grow up?
LOM: I don't want to grow up!! (and no, he hasn't seen the old school Toys 'R Us commercial)

2. It is always a struggle to get my LOM to eat his supper. We usually have to tell him how much of each thing he has to have before he is finished. Tonight, my constant reminders to eat had been going for a loooong time when he said:

LOM: Mama, I can't eat anymore. My tummy is so full that if I eat one more bite my tummy will come up and explode!! (he said this along with hand action which were pretty hilarious)

July 14, 2011

We were on our way to a large playdate with friends. This is the conversation:
LOM: Will there be any boys there?
ME: Yes, there will be at least one boy there.
LOM: Will there be any babies there? (aside- my son loves babies)
ME: Yes, there will be at least one baby there.
LOM: Will there be any girls there?
ME: Yes, there will be lots of girls there.
LOM: Will there be 10 girls there?
ME: Possibly.
LOM: I LOVE 10 girls!!